11 Key Features of Smart Manufacturing Software

Get full visibility of all your quality and compliance data via a cloud-based manufacturing platform.

How iMonitor saves time, cuts costs, and ensures continual compliance

iMonitor combines the features of a manufacturing execution system with the functionality of quality control software in one comprehensive cloud-based system.

With iMonitor you can digitally design, manage, and execute your processes—from receiving to manufacturing to maintaining compliance at your production site—all in one platform.

With digitized and automated processes, flexible data capture (tablet/PC, SCADA integration, computer vision), and real-time data visibility and analysis, iMonitor can help:

The missing link in quality control and production management

Manufactures still rely on paper for QC checks, batch records, and other documentation, making processes harder to manage, data harder to retrieve. iMonitor’s digitized processes bridge the gap between manufacturers and their data for smarter production management and complete product and batch traceability.


Visibility and traceability: products, ingredients, batches, and more

iMonitor lets you quickly track and trace ingredients used in production. Search by batch number, product SKU, process name, and other parameters.

Data from each batch and process that you run is available on demand. Access important information when you need it about everything from temperature, to batch process durations, to critical control points (CCP).

Comprehensive product database

Create a digital product database with all the requirements for making each product: digitized processes with bills of material, ingredients and packaging, and more.

Scan and print labels with QR codes, GS1 barcodes

  • Reduce manual data entry. Record ingredients and quantities by scanning labels. Capture data instantly, including GS1 Application Identifiers.
  • QR code labels can help streamline how ingredients and packaging are prepared and used during a batch.
  • You can print QR codes for ingredient, equipment and batch labels using Bluetooth printers. This will help identify mid-cycle and end-cycle products.
  • QR codes can be customized or batch printed, depending on your needs.

Digital asset management

You can attach the printed QR codes to your assets to easily identify, track and trace them in your facility.


Digitized product management

The digital product management feature helps you completely digitize your product development and manufacturing management. This allows for managing product variations, such as gluten-free, from the start and for triggering processes based on these elements.

Product development

  • Create a SKU for a product that will be manufactured. Easily generate multiple clones to allow for managing production of variations of a product.
  • Divide a large production run into smaller, sub-batches, to comply with GMP standards.

Digital bill of materials

Define the ingredients and packaging required to make a batch of a product.  With a BOM set, a process can be designed to digitally capture details about the ingredients used in a batch.

  • A digital bill of materials can be used like a digital product recipe.
  • The bill of materials is automatically divvied when a large production run is divided into sub-batches.
  • iMonitor automatically calculates the correct composition of ingredients for each production run, generating ingredient picklists and yield estimation.

Allergen database

Within iMonitor, you can also create a comprehensive digital allergen database for all your products.


Digitized receiving and general processes

Create efficient digital processes to keep the production site in order: receiving products, routine cleaning, internal audits, and more, and set up processes to run on a schedule.

Managing non-conformance  

  • Set up processes to ensure received products conform to standards. Use alerts to notify staff automatically if received products are damaged or non-conforming.
  • Document non-conformance with photos and comments that can be used as digital proof when returning goods to a supplier.
  • Capture deliveries quickly and accurately, making it easy to initiate corrective actions if goods arrive out of spec.

Capture all your deliveries quickly and accurately, making it easy to initiate corrective actions if goods arrive out of spec.


Tablet app for operator tasks

iMonitor’s tablet app gives operators a better way to enter data for all processes: critical control points (CCPs), operational prerequisite programs (OPRPs), prerequisite programs (PRPs), and quality checks.

Easy for operators to use

  • Batches are queued up in the tablet app and ready for operators to run at the scheduled time. Other processes can be started by the operator as required.
  • Processes can be designed to anticipate contingencies. If corrective action is required, operators simply follow the workflow.
  • Operators can be given as much guidance as required. Each process can be designed to include detailed information about standard operating procedures (SOPs) and other important information.

Shared tablets

Allow multiple users access via the same tablet with a simple and secure login and logout.


Smarter workflows

Ensure processes are designed, managed, and executed perfectly, by the right people at the right time.

Process design review

Have every process reviewed and approved before allowing operators to use them.

Departments and roles

Set up departments and roles for operators and supervisors. Assign steps in a process to be performed by users assigned specific roles.

Supervisor approvals

Require a supervisor to sign off on a step before committing any data when a batch or a site process is run.

Detect time deviances

Set the expected duration for each step in a process and track when the step takes longer to complete than expected.

Automated alerts

Get automatic notification when an alert is triggered to proactively manage safety and quality standards. Alerts can be set to go off for when thresholds are exceeded, allowing supervisors to take immediate action.



Digital standard operating procedures

Digitize all standard operating procedures (SOPs) and link them directly to your processes.

Digitized record keeping

The system enables you to digitize other documentation such as staff sickness, training or equipment maintenance records.


Data analytics and audit-ready reporting

This manufacturing solution provides advanced analytics to help you understand what is happening on your production floor.

You can create reports that are customized to the needs of different roles in your organization. Plus, easily download a PDF-version of your production and manufacturing processes for auditing purposes.

Analyze patterns and trends

  • Run AI-powered forecasting to predict various business metrics.
  • Analyze data trends and patterns to make informed decisions.
  • Control safety and quality assurance processes in real-time, across multiple sites.
  • Drill down to site KPIs and identify issues causing standard deviation.
  • Perform continuous detection of anomalies and variations based on machine learning (ML)
  • Take corrective action based on incident type categories.
  • Generate customized reports on incident types, batches, processes, and compliance.

Audit-ready reports

iMonitor is compliant with ISO 2200, GMP, FDA, European (ESMA), New Zealand, Australian, and GFSI food safety standards. Constant updates to the most recent regulations facilitate ongoing compliance.


Real-time production insights

  • Real-time operational insights into all safety and quality assurance processes, corrective actions, and triggered alarms.
  • Get your status updates from any location, at any time.
  • Make fast, insightful decisions when there is a red flag or non-conformance.

Batch status

The iMonitor platform can give real-time insights into the completion status of each single batch.

Batch analytics

Set expected batch sizes, running times or target yield percentages as a guideline for your operators. Compare your estimates with actual production data to increase overall efficiency.

Time control

Monitor how much time is spent for the completion of each stage within your manufacturing process.

Monitor equipment uptime

Increase equipment uptime by utilizing preventative plans and real-time monitoring.

Production planning

By linking iMonitor with your existing inventory management software, you can plan your production run based on customer requirements.


Digital staff training

Engage app users with guided tours for onboarding, along with detailed training documents, webinars, videos, and personalized training sessions.

Individual training needs

You can define specific training requirements for each role. Have full control of the completion of relevant training needed for operating subsequent processes.


User-friendly dashboard

You can access your iMonitor dashboard from any desktop, laptop, and tablet, anytime, anywhere. Get full visibility of all processes in real-time.


Integration: computer vision, IIoT, ERP

Integrate iMonitor with your existing hardware or software infrastructure.

Hardware systems

Capture data directly from machines and into digitized processes. Get precise data exactly when it is required. Empower staff to do more productive work than watching a readout.

iMonitor can be integrated with SCADA, PLCs, or IIoT-enabled equipment, or integrated with computer vision technology for when multiple, repetitive readings are required.

Third-party software

iMonitor can be integrated with inventory management or enterprise resource management software to enhance overall production planning and data integrity beyond the production floor.

Our partners

iMonitor is an official partner of Zebra
  • Our software lets you easily connect your Zebra tablet to get digital task lists that are waterproof, dustproof, and shatterproof.
  • The tablets can scan barcodes to automatically transfer the data to the iMonitor platform.
  • Create individual QR codes and print them via portable printers to allow for traceability across your entire factory.
  • Connect Zebra location beacons to the platform for position monitoring of equipment and staff.
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