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Smart pharmaceutical manufacturing software 

There is no doubt that a smart factory is one that has the production software to match. iMonitor has been developed and designed to help leading food and pharmaceutical manufacturing businesses connect their people, processes, and production equipment, for real-time insights across the shop floor. We know these are industries which have to adhere to strict regulations and compliance, so iMonitor is the unique production software that can help to improve production management and quality control through one platform that combines the best functionality of a QMS (Quality Management System) and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) software. In today’s competitive and ever changing manufacturing climate, MES software is essential for optimal performance and business growth within the food and pharmaceutical production industry. Better still, iMonitor customers have access to market-leading MES software that is also a low-cost alternative to other more expensive platforms in the market. Request a demo of iMonitor with your system, to see how you could turn your business into a smart factory.

What is a MES system

A MES system is a dynamic and comprehensive software solution that enables you to accurately collect, monitor, track, trace, control, and analyse manufacturing data in real-time, giving you visibility and more control across all your manufacturing operations. By optimising production management and quality processes, this creates a more connected factory. From preparing the raw ingredients, right through to when it is packaged and ready to be shipped out to consumers, your factory will have real-time data which is ideal for analysing efficiency, productivity, compliance, staff resources, equipment needs, and more.

The benefits of production software

Whether you are wanting to digitise your business operations or enhance your current ERP system with MES software, implementing a MES system such as iMonitor will modernise operations by creating a connected factory that will assist with your business productivity and profitability. There are plenty of benefits that come from using MES software to turn your facilities into a smart factory. These include:

  • Having access to real-time data to improve quality control and reduce human error
  • Ensuring appropriate dynamic procedures in place to ensure compliant practices and products
  • Digitising all procedures so there are alerts and products can be recalled if the situation arises
  • Providing production managers, shop floor supervisors, and employees in the manufacturing process clear visibility over production issues so they can implement any corrective actions
  • Ability to monitor efficiency and make proactive adjustments across each production stage to better streamline the manufacturing process

The right choice in production software can ultimately help to revolutionise your manufacturing operations, giving your business the competitive edge as a smarter factory.

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Use technology to invest back into your business

MES gives business owners and decision makers the information and data they require to monitor and optimise production, as well as increasing the efficiency of the floor. No matter the size of your business or manufacturing facility, iMonitor is the best investment decision you can make for your food or pharmaceutical manufacturing business. Get in contact with us today, to see how we can turn your business into a better and more connected factory.

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