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Digitize paper processes, create smart workflows, get real-time production insights.

Become a smart and sustainable factory

Gain a competitive edge by digitizing your production floor 
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How it works

Digitize your paper-based quality control and production forms by creating streamlined, automated processes with corrective actions and alerts.

The processes you create in the iMonitor web app go to the tablet app whenever you run a batch or other process. Your operators use the tablet to enter data that goes instantly into the cloud, giving you real-time visibility of your operations.

Go paperless, streamline workflows

Increase efficiency, data integrity and reduce release times by digitizing paper-based production records and processes into a cloud-based manufacturing platform.

Tackle recording errors, production delays and redundant documentation by leading your factory into the digital future.
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Automatic alerts and notifications 

Create automated alerts and notifications that provide the right data to the right person at the right time.

Know instantly what happens on the production floor to initiate immediate corrective actions. 
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Facilitate compliance,
be audit-ready 24/7 

Facilitate compliance and quality management by impeding data falsification.

Automatically adhere to HACCP, GMP principles and comply with standards such as ISO 22000.

Conduct audits with ease with 24/7 audit-ready reports. 
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Traceability made easy

Trace sensitive ingredients, products and processes in seconds, not days with all relevant data stored in the cloud.

Prevent costly product recalls and mitigate risk to brand damage.
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Real-time insights and analytics 

Get full visibility in real-time by eliminating paper-based processes and storing all data securely in the cloud.

Increase transparency and perform in-depth trend analysis to uncover potential for process improvements. 
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Easy integration with external systems 

Integrate your existing ERP or inventory management system with iMonitor, enabling streamlined data-flow through the whole factory - from inwards goods to dispatch. 
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From small businesses to large enterprises,
we got you covered

iMonitor offers a ready-to-use platform for self-installation for small businesses as well as end-to-end project management and support for complex enterprises.
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What our
customers say  

I thought it was a system for traceability for food safety, what it actually was is the missing link in manufacturing software.
Jen Glover
Happy Customer
We cut down the time involved in food safety checks from one week to just under an hour. This is quite impressive. 
Jen Glover
Happy Customer
Before, if data was mis-read, it could ruin a whole batch. With iMonitor, we can now eliminate a large number of manual errors.  
Sarah Lin
Founder of FinApp
The data collected with iMonitor on how much time each process takes is helping us uncover best practices to drive significant process change and improvements. 
Sarah Lin
Founder of FinApp
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iMonitor FAQ’s 

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Are there any minimum requirements for my business to test and implement iMonitor?
We do not want to use tablets on the production floor due to our no-glass policy.
Can we still use the software? 
Will the digital processes be different from the paper-based processes?
What happens with the software when WiFi is down? 
Can iMonitor handle small batch manufacturing? 
Do you provide after sales service? 
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