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Digitize your batch and quality control processes for a more efficient, automated shop floor and a more integrated manufacturing business

Smart manufacturing software

The benefits of MES and QMS in one cloud platform

How food, pharmaceutical and manufacturing brands of all kinds benefit from digitizing and executing batch and quality control processes with iMonitor
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Go paperless

Optimize processes, get more efficient

Digitizing paper forms with iMonitor can help make your batches and quality management more efficient and easier to manage and execute, while keeping your shop floor free of paper clutter.  

Run batches and quality control without the redundant data entry inherent to paper forms, minimize the chance of errors in batch and QC records, and automatically launch steps, such as corrective action, based on data entered.

Act fast on real-time data, alerts

With data going right to the cloud, iMonitor gives you real-time visibility of the work happening on the shop floor, letting you keep an eye on operations from anywhere.  

Track the progress of each batch and quality control process and receive notifications based on data entered. iMonitor gives you the awareness and tools to quickly respond to contingencies.

Automatic alerts
Facilitate compliance

Traceability in seconds, not hours

Each time you make a product or run a QC process in iMonitor, you instantly create a digital record packed with details, from who completed which step and when down to which ingredient and lot number was used in a batch.  

With all those details in the cloud, iMonitor turns traceability from potential hours of sifting files to a fast, straightforward text-based search.

Show compliance, any time

With your processes, batch and QC records, and traceability digitalized and centralized in iMonitor, you’ll have the body of evidence you need to demonstrate your compliance with FSCS, GMP, HACCP requirements.

Traceability made easy
Real-time insights

Make evidence-based decisions

iMonitor accumulates a lot of data that can give you a detailed picture of how your shop floor is running.  

With iMonitor Analytics, you can drill deep into your data to perform root cause, performance, yield and many other kinds of analyses like process optimization or resource utilization.

Connect your current tech

Make iMonitor an integral part of your existing tech investment. Connect processes in iMonitor with your business-critical ERP, inventory management, and other software, and perform tasks between apps automatically.    

You can also integrate the PLCs, sensors and other networked devices on your production line to capture data directly from your mixers, conveyors and other equipment into your processes even more efficiency and precision.

Easy integration

What our
customers say  

What I thought was a system for traceability for food safety, was actually the missing link in manufacturing software.
Jen Glover
Happy Customer
We cut down the time involved in food safety checks from one week to just under an hour. Our team was impressed.
Jen Glover
Happy Customer
With iMonitor, we can now eliminate a large number of manual errors.  Previously, misread data could ruin an entire batch.
Sarah Lin
Founder of FinApp
The data collected with iMonitor is helping us uncover best practices to drive significant process change and improvements.
Sarah Lin
Founder of FinApp
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