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Increase efficiencies and reduce costs with digital quality and traceability solutions

With iMonitor's bakery traceability system, you can track food products, ingredients and equipment and eliminate costly manual errors.

Say goodbye to departmental data silos that impede efficient food traceability management and quick decision making. The iMonitor software will digitize your critical control point checks to improve efficiency and quality in your bakery. Make your food manufacturing process more efficient to improve the quality of your products and get them to customers faster.

iMonitor is the answer to your bakery production challenges


Digital quality control & compliance management

  • Avoid cumbersome paper recordings and forging of data by consolidating repetitive sets of paperwork into one digital system.
  • Meet various international and customer standards with one cloud-based quality management system.
  • Build digital QC checks into your bakery production workflows that are performed on a tablet in order to enforce compliance practices. 
  • Enable instant troubleshooting with the help of automatic alerts that inform staff if parameters are out of spec.
  • Inform quality assurance staff automatically when quality checks are due, speeding up product sign-offs.
  • Standardise multiple quality standards into digital forms to avoid misinterpretation of data entries.

The Result

Ensure better compliance practices and increased data integrity throughout the supply chain. Facilitate  a quicker release of products due to more efficient quality sign-offs. If there are any quality issues, they can be instantly resolved. Exceeding any international and customer standards becomes much easier with just one digital system.


Full shop floor visibility in real-time

  • Keep track of all your bakery quality management and production data in one place.
  • Have full visibility into all your manufacturing and site processes with real-time dashboards.
  • Get in-depth data insights, detect anomalies, analyse trends and run forecasts with AI-powered analytics.
  • Eliminate departmental data silos and accelerate data flow across your factory.
  • By digitizing your paper forms and storing critical control point check recordings online, you can enable quick, data-driven decision making. 
  • Integrate with your SCADA, PLC systems or IoT-enabled devices to know instantly what’s happening on the shop floor.
  • Create, print and scan barcodes to get comprehensive traceability across your factory.

The Result

Blend quality, machine, human and business processes. Enable total track and trace of your supply chain within seconds. With iMonitor’s complete bakery traceability system you will have visibility across all bakery products, ingredients, allergens, equipment and operating staff. Real-time dashboards give full insights into all manufacturing and site processes.


Eliminate waste caused by manual recording errors

  • Prevent mixing and calculation errors by guiding your operators step by step through the dough mixing and processing stages.
  • No need for manual calculations of complex formulas like Pearson square anymore.
  • Barcode scanning of ingredients prevents production staff from picking the wrong ingredients. 
  • Integrate in-line inspection systems directly & manage off-line quality testing at your or external laboratories.
  • Batch calculations are performed automatically to determine the exact amounts to add. Provide your operators with fool-proof picklists. 
  • Reminders and alerts are automatically generated to notify operators and supervisors of outstanding tasks.
  • Automatic alerts in case of surpassed thresholds allow operators for instant corrections.
  • Digital Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) train staff to make informed decisions at the right time during production.

The Result

Reduce food manufacturing waste significantly, saving you costs and time for rework. Boost your brand image by addressing your customers’ demand for more production sustainability.


Accelerate finished product release times

  • Design quality control checks into your production process so that your quality assurance team can quickly approve a batch. This helps you decrease product wait times for dispatch significantly.
  • Inline quality checks eliminate the need for retrospective checks of various paper forms. This frees quality assurance staff for other important tasks.
  • Real-time alerts notify QA staff of outstanding quality checks, optimizing release times of your finished products.

The Result

Uncover efficiencies in your product release processes. Extend the shelf-life of your bakery products by days. Get a fresher product to your customer sooner.


Realize efficiencies by reducing data duplication

  • Integrate your manufacturing execution with your SCADA and ERP systems to eliminate redundant data recordings for the same batch. 
  • Use digital technology to manage your manufacturing process and quality control, from receiving goods to shipping them out. This will help ensure a smooth flow of data throughout your entire factory. 
  • Automate processes and make them more efficient by integrating your existing systems and IoT enabled devices like PLCs, sensors, and beacons.

The Result

iMonitor can integrate with your existing systems and IIoT devices to make production processes more efficient. The software helps you reduce paperwork and production operators and quality managers focus on their core tasks. This can reduce data duplication by at least 30%. Automate data transfers from your factory’s edge into the cloud-based system, saving you costs and time. 

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