iMonitor is here
to disrupt the
manufacturing industry 

We help you manufacture high-quality products faster, with fewer resources. 

iMonitor is here to revolutionize the food manufacturing industry 

Our story

What started as an innovative start-up to tackle waste in the food industry via smart digital sensors, has now grown into a cutting-edge manufacturing platform that disrupts the status quo of unsustainable paper-based manufacturing operations. 

It all started with smart IIoT sensors

Established in 2008 by thought leaders in the New Zealand food industry, we began by developing digital sensors that monitored various environmental parameters, such as temperature, humidity and pressure for the retail, wholesale, hospitality, and food manufacturing sectors.

New Zealand’s largest private LoRa Wan network

Leveraging on our industry and technology knowledge to develop our own LoRa WAN devices and deploy New Zealand’s largest private LoRa WAN network, we have logged over1Billion customer data points with iMonitor sensors.

Filling the digital gap across
manufacturing floors worldwide

While deploying our IIoT hardware at our clients’ facilities, we witnessed a huge digital gap at almost every manufacturing plant. Most manufacturers used ERP or inventory management systems to plan and manage resources efficiently. But quality and compliance on the shop floor was still handled with piles of paperwork. A huge opportunity for them to uncover inefficiencies and reduce costs.

Designed with leading
food and pharmaceutical manufacturers

We designed the iMonitor Manufacturing Execution System in direct partnership with renowned food and pharmaceutical manufacturers to fill that digital gap. Our solution now uniquely combines the main features of a Manufacturing Execution System(MES) and Quality Management Solution (QMS) creating a centralised and easily deployable solution that rivals million-dollar solutions at a fraction of the cost.

We help you getting ahead of the competition

Demolish data silos to facilitate data flow and accelerate product release times.
Digitise all your paper forms, workflows, and processes into one system and connect teams, software systems and equipment to get complete and real-time visibility of what’s happening on the production floor.
Track all products, ingredients, equipment, and operators across your business, enabling lightning-fast traceability in seconds. Not hours or days.
Analyse all metrics that are relevant to your business, fostering data-driven decision-making.
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Our mission?

To increase profit and efficiency in the manufacturing
industry while still helping the world. 

We strongly believe that increasing efficiency and the reduction of Food and Pharmaceutical
production waste in manufacturing can have a significant positive impact not only on your profit but also
on the world around us.

Let’s work together to make the manufacturing industry more sustainable by reducing waste,
while producing the same number of high-quality products with fewer resources. 

We have developed cutting-edge manufacturing execution software that helps manufacturers increase their
profits and reduce their business risks while meeting the increasing customer demand for
environmental sustainability. 

We pour all our energy into supporting our customers on their digital journey towards operational excellence
and sustainability. Do you want to learn more?

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What our
customers say  

I thought it was a system for traceability for food safety, what it actually was is the missing link in manufacturing software.
Jen Glover
Happy Customer
We cut down the time involved in food safety checks from one week to just under an hour. This is quite impressive. 
Jen Glover
Happy Customer
Before, if data was mis-read, it could ruin a whole batch. With iMonitor, we can now eliminate a large number of manual errors.  
Sarah Lin
Founder of FinApp
The data collected with iMonitor on how much time each process takes is helping us uncover best practices to drive significant process change and improvements. 
Sarah Lin
Founder of FinApp
Trusted by leading
food & pharmaceutical companies
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