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No matter the products, when you have a factory, traceability software for manufacturing purposes can make a world of difference. iMonitor gives you the automation you need to push your business forward, all at an affordable price. We can provide your facility with QMS (Quality Management System) combined with MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) software, that records all relevant data, helping to automate your production tracking every step of the way, for important end-to-end traceability. This includes from the moment all the raw materials arrive at your factory, through to putting everything together, and then onto the moment the finished product is shipped out ready for your consumers. See how our iMonitor traceability software for manufacturing can help you to identify, track, and trace products along the supply chain from production through to distribution.

What is traceability?

When you implement specific traceability software for manufacturing, it will help your business to track every aspect of the manufacturing process your product goes through. Traceability covers each part of the manufacturing process and each aspect of the product, including ingredients, sub-ingredients, people, plant, equipment, capital assets, inspection results, assembly details and more. Traceability is especially vital in the food and pharmaceutical industries. That is because these products can pose a severe risk to customers if something goes wrong in the manufacturing process, and they need to be recalled. You may have strict compliance regulations in place, however, issues can still occur and these can have devastating consequences for your consumers and your business. Installing a QMS (Quality Management System) and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) that includes traceability is one of the easiest and most effective ways of managing recalling contaminated or defective products, because you can trace exactly where things went wrong. It is the real-time visibility you need to facilitate an analysis of the root-cause of the issue.

The benefits of traceability software for manufacturing

As iMonitor includes full traceability features within the software, it does exactly what the name suggests. It can automatically monitor the ingredients, sub-ingredients, people, plant, equipment, capital assets, inspection results and assembly details along the production line and records all relevant data to the cloud. Some of the benefits of traceability includes:

  • Root-cause analysis - providing you with all the data needed to identify the cause of a problem so that it can be rectified quickly for minimal impact.
  • Quality checking and improvement - your business relies on the quality of products, so traceability allows you to monitor and maintain quality standards, and make any adjustments in real-time as needed.
  • Accountability - part of the accountability involves tracking expiry and best before dates on products, and tracing any defective or contaminated products.
  • Meeting any legal obligations in your industry or business.  
  • Making the recall process as painless as possible, with real-time access to all the important information regarding the product.
  • Decrease test/real recalls from days to seconds.
  • De-risk your brand and business operations.

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Make traceability a priority with iMonitor

To improve the quality of your products and ensure your customers are completely satisfied, iMonitor traceability features for manufacturing are vital. Whether an incorrect ingredient has been added or contaminated or not tested properly, a process for a particular product has been missed, or equipment is faulty, and all your products are affected; traceability helps to improve and de-risk your brand and business operations. Traceability is record-keeping that traces each component of your product back to its original source, and makes it easier to identify any issues that may arise. Book a demo of our iMonitor traceability features for manufacturing today, so that you can de-risk your brand and business operations.

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