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When you require more efficient, effective, and smooth running compliance management systems, iMonitor has the answer. Our compliance management software provides the functionality of an innovative MES (Manufacturing Execution System) along with smart QMS (Quality Management Software), and it is all based in the cloud. Easy to set up and more cost effective compared to other compliance management systems, iMonitor streamlines your manufacturing operations. iMonitor gives you insights to all your quality and compliance data in real-time, and will alert your operators or supervisors if there are issues related to non-compliance, incorrect ingredients and more. Providing the highest level of visibility and reporting, iMonitor is a true game changer when it comes to compliance management software.

Why compliance management is vital

Taking responsibility and upholding rules and regulations is important across all industries, and nowhere is this more vital than when we are talking about food and pharmaceutical production. Compliance management involves the continual process of monitoring and assessing your business systems. This ensures they comply with a range of industry standards, policies, and other industry requirements. As businesses and organisations become further reliant on technology, compliance management is even more crucial. Manual recording and paper-based compliance management solutions may have been adequate in the past, however, this was often more time consuming, it was difficult to stay on top of regulatory changes, and there were more errors which could have debilitating consequences to a business, such as financial penalties and damage to their reputation. Having the most effective compliance management systems in place is the best way to ensure the continuity of your company and product operations.

Compliance management software specific to food and pharmaceutical industries

Here at iMonitor we understand the needs of your industry, which is why we have developed compliance management solutions and software which will benefit you in many ways. Some of these benefits include eliminating errors, ensuring high quality products, reducing wastage and costs, avoiding disruptions to your business and manufacturing, increasing monitoring and data integrity, ensuring the most up-to-date policies are implemented for regulatory compliance, to avoid penalties (product recalls, manufacturing shutdowns, fines, lawsuits, or business closure) because of noncompliance, and more.

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Experience the best in compliance management solutions

You will find that iMontor is one of the most comprehensive and cost effective compliance management systems available in our country today. iMonitor is compliance management software that has been specifically designed with food and pharmaceutical manufacturers in mind, for consistent and accurate compliance. Cloud based, iMonitor is set and forget. Once it is up and running, iMonitor will:

See for yourself how easy iMonitor is to use, and why it is a better and low-cost alternative to other compliance management systems.

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