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Increase productivity with digitized quality control and traceability management

iMonitor Manufacturing Software helps you streamline food production by creating a single source of truth. This can help reduce errors and speed up product release times.

iMonitor software will help you automatically record and track the quality of your dairy products, like yogurt, cheese, and ice cream. You can be sure you are always using the best ingredients and producing the highest quality products. Free up resources and reduce manual errors by digitizing your CCP checks and integrating them into smart production workflows.

iMonitor is the answer to your product quality & production challenges


Enhance quality & production management

  • Replace critical control point checks and paper forms with digital quality control checks that are built into your production workflows.
  • Operators perform CCP checks conveniently on a tablet. The data is instantly stored in the cloud.
  • This will make it easier for operators to perform quality control checks and hold them accountable.
  • Capture information from integrated production tanks, pasteurisation loops and other equipment from integrated SCADA, MES or PLC systems. This helps reduce the burden of manual record keeping significantly.
  • iMonitor alerts operators and their supervisors when quality metrics are out of spec.
  • This enables your team to perform corrective actions much quicker.
  • Assign weights (low, medium, high) to corrective actions and monitor trends to initiate preventative actions.
  • Automated alerts notify quality staff when a check is due and prompt action when tasks are overdue.
  • This helps accelerate data flows between departments and product release times.

The Result

Better compliance practices, improved data integrity, and reduced costs.


Accelerate dairy product release times

  • Inline digital checks and automatic real-time alerts enable QA staff to sign off batch completion without delay.
  • Comprehensive recipe management (Bill of materials), printing of labels and scanning in of ingredients reduce human errors.
  • The quality manager gets alerts in real time when the next quality check is due. This means they do not have to go through lots of paperwork after the production process is finished.
  • Quicker product sign offs help quality assurance staff focus on other important tasks.
  • Cloud-based systems allow quality assurance staff to have access to all data, ensuring that products are ready to be shipped.
  • Meet multiple standards and export requirements by easily sharing reports internally or externally. 

The Result

Reduce release times for your dairy products from an average of 4 days to one day or even hours. Save costs by prolonging the shelf-life of your dairy products.


Real-time visibility & AI-powered data insights

  • Replace paper forms with digital solutions to give your management, production teams and QA staff full visibility during production. This will help them access vital data more easily.
  • Digitize your paper processes so you know what is happening on your production floor in real-time. 
  • Real-time dashboards give you 24/7 visibility of all quality and production data. This way, you can make quick decisions that are based on data.
  • AI-powered analytics, such as trend analysis, anomaly detection and forecasting give you in-depth data insights 
  • Analyzing trends in downtime data and detecting anomalies via SCADA, PLC system and IoT enabled devices can help improve equipment health and OEE.
  • Comparing metrics across periods can help you identify inefficient processes and areas of improvement.
  • Design, print and scan barcodes to enable total traceability across the whole factory.

The Result

Empower your team to uncover inefficient processes and bottlenecks and apply best practices across the factory. Accelerate traceability from an average 12 hours to just seconds.


Reduce wastage caused by human errors

  • Empower your operators with a smart app that helps them pick the right ingredients and correct amounts.
  • Prevent mixing errors by automating batch calculations or complex ingredient calculations like the Pearson square calculation. 
  • Barcode scanning helps operators pick the right ingredients, while QR codes and locator beacons prevent fake data entries. 
  • Automatic reminders notify operators and supervisors of outstanding tasks.
  • iMonitor sends out alerts when predefined thresholds are surpassed. This helps operators take immediate corrective actions.
  • Staff can access digital Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) at each process step. This helps them make correct decisions faster.

The Result

Large dairy manufacturers save at least 500,000 USD worth of wasted product caused by human errors. Enhance your brand image by integrating production sustainability into your manufacturing process.


Increase efficiencies by reducing data duplication

  • Create a single source of truth to avoid having to enter the same data multiple times. 
  • Use a software solution that integrates with your SCADA and ERP systems to digitise your production floor. This will create a smooth data flow across your entire business.
  • Automate processes by integrating your system with IIoT devices like PLCs or sensors.
  • Demolish data silos and connect different departments. Enable a smooth data flow across the whole business by creating a smart digital factory.

The Result

Digitize your shop floor and make it more productive and efficient. By digitizing your paper forms alone, you can reduce data duplication by at least 30%. This will free up staff in the control room to complete more important tasks.

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