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August 11, 2021
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Digitizing your quality management and production management improves workflow efficiency, decreases costs, increases visibility, and reduces business risk. However, choosing the right quality and production management solution might be challenging given the high number of different automated workflow systems on the market.

The following 5 important considerations assist you in choosing the right workflow solution for your business.

1. Agnostic software

Make sure that the quality management solution is modular and can be flexibly tailored to your specific business needs. It should be able to cover all your processes, include your SOPs and other relevant quality documents and generate tailored reports. Moreover, the system should support integration with other software, such as ERP.

2. Key features such as traceability and bills of materials

Each industry and business has specific needs that the quality management system should cover. For example, if you are looking for complete traceability of your products or need to record bills of materials thereof, make sure that the solution includes these features.

3. Compliance with relevant regulations

Verify that the solution complies with all relevant legislations and standards that apply to your business so that it can assist you in ensuring ongoing regulatory compliance.

4. Project management and implementation support

Check whether the provider of the quality management solution offers implementation support, which can be extremely helpful to gain clarity on your workflow processes, for instance.

5. Automation of environmental monitoring

For food, beverage as well as pharmaceutical manufactures, it can be helpful if the solution can be integrated with automated environmental monitoring, such as temperature, humidity or pressure monitoring.

Considering these 5 important factors may assist you in shortlisting the most valuable and effective quality management solutions for your business.

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